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About our Festival Operations

B&B is a food and beverage management company that offers its services to events of any scale, specializing in festivals, concerts, and sporting events.  The company was founded in 2008 and has grown to over 550 events per year.  We have facilitated food and beverage operations for events with over 80,000 people and strive to provide the best operational, logistical, and financial support the industry has to offer.

Food & Beverage

The largest money making factor of any festival is food & beverage operations.  B&B offers management services of food & beverage systems through means of food vendor procurement and beverage management.  Food and alcohol safety are of the utmost importance to our mission and we do so in an efficient and effective manner.  This facet of our mission increases the bottom line for our clients while keeping the customer satisfied.

Logistical & Operational Management

If you're considering providing food and beverage services for your event in-house, we can provide logistical and operational support to help your event run as efficiently as it should.  B&B's festival management staff is experienced, professional, and effective in running large scale events and handling issues as they may arise.

Sponsored Activation Facilitaion

B&B has outstanding professional relationships with sponsor level partners and work hand in hand to provide the best activation atmosphere, increasing the effect of the guest experience and maximizing the financial contribution from the sponsors, bringing them back year after year.

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Why Choose B&B

B&B prides itself on its logistical and operational systems.  our customer service is matched by no one in the industry and we constantly improve our systems with innovations in technology, security, and market trends.  We are a veteran owned company and live by those same honor, integrity and professionalism practices.  B&B guarantees to offer your event the best solution for your food and beverage operation.

Want More Information?

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