B&B Bartending HQ

Our Mission

Our mission is to safely and efficiently provide beverage solutions for several different industries.  The event world is massive.  We currently offer solutions for every type of event in the world and will continue to innovate safety and efficiency systems.  We are Safe, Professional, and Responsible.

Our Story

B&B Bartending was founded in 2008 by Navy Veteran Bobby Greenawalt.  When Bobby got out of the Navy in mid 2008, he attended the ABC Bartending School and began working at a local Auburn Bar while being a full time student.  It was while working as a bartender at a local bar that Bobby came up with the idea for B&B Bartending.  It was mid December, the college kids had all gone home and business was slow.  Thinking of what to do for additional income, he called around the state to different caterers and venues asking if they needed any bar staff for special events.  The response given was, "I don't need just one bartender, I need eight".  Bobby quickly said, "I know of eight bartenders!" and the concept was created.  The company became official in December of 2008 despite a recession and broken economy. B&B quickly grew.  With nothing more than a truck, trailer, his dining room as an office, and his basement as a warehouse, Bobby personally worked every event until 2014.

In 2014 Bobby graduated from Auburn University and that is when the company grew beyond our wildest dreams.  Committing 100% of his time to the company, Bobby brought in a Vice President to help accommodate the growth of the company.  A few months later, we brought in Account Managers, a Warehouse Manager, a Production Manager, and a Human Resources Manager.  The growth was expected and we are still growing as you read this.  We now have over 200 contracted bartenders, have a corporate office, Auburn/Opelika Warehouse, Montgomery Warehouse, Birmingham Office & Warehouse.  With several box trucks, vans, and trailers, we are continuing to invest in ourselves to grow the brand. In 2015 while having a glass of bourbon and smoking a cigar we thought to have a company to manage the others as subsidiaries...Hospitality United was then developed as a parent company that has event based and marketing companies under its umbrella.

With core values and principles of attention to detail, constructive leadership, problem solving, event design, and alcohol safety, B&B Bartending will continue to grow...and we have no plans of stopping any time soon.  We can't wait to show you what's next.

Meet the Team

Our office staff is comprised of event professionals and specialists ready to help you with your next event.

Bobby Greenawalt, B&B Bartending

Bobby Greenawalt


Rhianna Lerma, Director of Accounts, B&B Bartending

Rhianna Lerma

Director of Accounts

Anna Hawkins, Account Manager, Human Resources Manager, B&B Bartending

Anna Hawkins

Human Resources & Account Manager

Jimmy Cox, B&B Bartending

Jimmy Cox

Warehouse & Logistics Manager

Nick Kellard, Production Manager, Business Development, B&B Bartending

Nick Kellard

Production Manager & Business Development

Megan Kellard, Account Manager, Financial Manager, B&B Bartending

Megan Kellard

Financial & Account Manager

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Our Commitment

Alcohol abuse, binge drinking, underage drinking, and drunk driving are some of the largest causes of death, unemployment, and crime throughout the United States.  From the Surgeon General's "Call to Action to Reduce Underage Drinking and Drunk Driving" to statistics showing the aftermath of alcohol abuse, the numbers sadly speak for themselves.

B&B Bartending works closely with local, state, and national organizations in attempts to effectively reduce underage drinking, drunk driving, and alcohol abuse.  Changing alcohol environments is where the change will take place.  Providing safe drinking environments with resources to safely get home and responsibly consume alcohol is a priority for us.  We strive to pass this knowledge on to as many as we can in efforts to change the way alcohol is consumed across the country.

A rising problem throughout the United States is binge drinking, alcohol abuse, underage drinking, and drunk driving on college campuses.  With little to nothing being done about this, B&B Bartending is creating new systems to reduce those numbers.

We feel it is our social responsibility, moral obligation, and ethical duty to use our resources to effectively reduce these alcohol related issues.  We have made this our life's work.