Signature Cocktail


Weddings are a major life event and we will make sure it's a memorable one.  Wow your guests with our cocktail designs, bar rentals, and safety procedures.


If you're organizing a concert or a festival, you realize that food and beverage are a large revenue stream.  Our festival management team facilitates all food and beverage operations, keeping vendors honest and live reporting at your fingertips.

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Tailgating Services

Imagine showing up to your tailgate without having to carry anything and then leave when the game is over. Through our partners at Tailgate Guys, We bring tailgating safe, worry free, and turn-key solutions for your beverage needs.  Whether you're looking for a full bar or just for a case of soda to be dropped off, we can provide all of that for you.

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Beverage Catering Services

Plus Many More Services

Check out all of the other services that we offer and different types of events that we help facilitate.

Safety & Responsibility through Professionalism

Alcohol safety and responsible consumption of alcohol is the utmost priority of the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board, which is why the ABC Board has exclusively recommended B&B to provide safe drinking environments.  All B&B bartenders are trained in alcohol safety and responsible distribution of alcohol.

B&B President, Bobby Greenawalt, is on the Board of Directors for the American Beverage Licensees, is Vice President of the American Beverage Licensees, and is President of the Alabama Beverage License Association.  He works very closely with these two organizations along with many state ABC Boards to increase safety and decrease liabilities in alcohol markets in Alabama and around the country.

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